Events in the pipeline

Here is a list of future visits, some of which are 'definites' (a), and some of which are mooted (b). Please note that some of the latter may not come to fruition.
Some draft flyers are available - indicated by an underlined description.
I hope that this gives a flavour of what is to come, and may encourage members that have never organised a visit, or have not done so for some time, to have a go.

(a) Planned Events for 2018 Quarter 4: November to January (provisional - subject to change)

Date Day Description pdf Cost Max Miscellaneous
22/11/2018 Thursday Surrey Satellites - N -
11/12/2018 Tuesday REMS Xmas Lunch - N -
17/01/2019 Thursday At Home: AI & Big Data - N -

(b) Potential visits